Fun Foam Mono Printing

Foam Printmaking Is An Easy Way For Artists of Any Age To Create Beautiful Pieces Of Art Foam Printmaking

An easy subject for this type of printing is... yourself! Print, mount, & frame to create beautiful gifts for family & friends.

While at home with my daughter I had her draw a picture of herself, in pencil, on a regular sheet of white paper.

We then flipped the image over on to a 9" x 12" Foam Printmaking Plate and using the side of the pencil, we shaded over the back of her drawing so the image transferred onto the foam plate.

After the image was transferred on to the foam, I had her trace over her picture using the Essential Art Products Foam Printing Plate Wood Tools.

Now it was time to ink the plate! My daughter adores bright colorful paints and she wanted to use 4 colors on her print. Using a Soft Rubber Brayer, she rolled out a different color paint on each corner of the foam printing plate, green, magenta, red & blue slightly overlapping the colors along the edges. This allowed the colors to mix and make additional colors.

She then pulled out a piece of 9" x 12" Block Printing Paper and carefully placed her inked Foam Printmaking Plate onto the Block Printing Paper. Using the cleaned Brayer she carefully rolled over the back of the Foam Printing Plate. Then, by slowly removing the foam printing plate from the paper by lifting one corner, she revealed her masterpiece!

I also purchased some 8" x 11"" Pre-Cut White Mat Frames and we taped her print on the back side of the mat frame. I had her draw a simple line image on the white side of the frame using markers which provided a unique frame for her print.


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