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Airbrush Compressors

Airbrush Compressors

We proudly sell a diverse line of airbrush and specialty air compressors from the finest manufacturers.  All our compressors include full factory warranties!

Karve Majik Printmaking Plates

Karve Majik Printmaking Plates

These unique Printmaking Plates feature two colors laminted into one plate.  Karve through the white layer to reveal the black- this makes for easy visualization of the project!  Excellent for students learning the art of Printmaking!

Foam Stampers

Foam Stampers

Foam Stamps are excellent for youger students and the pysically challenged!

Foam Printmaking Plates

FoamPrintmaking Plates

Foam Printmaking Sheets are by far the most popular plates for teaching young students the art of Printmaking.  Very easy to use, impressions can be made with a pencil or wooden stylus!  No sharp tools needed!



Explore the endless possibilities in Printmaking. A wide variety of high-quality Brayers, Bench Hooks, Block Printing Paper, Linoleum Blocks and Print Foam, just to name a few. Excellent for artists of all ages!



Fun & easy to use! All the tools you need to Scratch your way to brilliant graphic art. Our high quality pre-inked board comes in a variety of exciting colors & sizes. Available in white, pre-inked black and pre-inked multi-colored board.

18" X 24" Silk Screen Exposer

Silk Screen Exposer

A unit for exposing photographic silk screen films. Features a large 18” X 24” exposure area with ¼" plate glass top. Equipped with 3 – 20 watt "special blue" exposure bulbs for a total of 60 watts

Iwata Airbrushes


Iwata continues to be the world leader and innovator of airbrush and spray equipment. From the entry level Revolution series to the master level Custom Micron, there is an airbrush for beginners, experts and everyone in between. When it comes to value, precision, and quality, Iwata is second to none!


Pre Cut Mat Frames

Pre Cut Mat Frames

Enhance the appearance of your photos and artwork! These inexpensive Pre-Cut Mat Frames are made from sturdy 100% recyled clay-coated newsboard.  Available in a wide array of colors and sizes.

Sketching Tools

Sketching Tools

Great products for sketching and creating that one-of-a-kind piece of art.  High Quality Graphite Drawing Pencils are available in six different degrees.  Pliable Kneaded Rubber Erasers are perfect for chalk and charcoal and leave no residue.  Soft-Beveled Pink Erasers are comfotable to use and provide smudge free erasures.

Blank Jigsaw Puzzles

Blank Jigsaw Puzzles

Our Blank Puzzles are challenging, provide hours of fun and best of all, the puzzles can be drawn or painted with a wide variety of mediums!  Made from thick-recycled chipboard, the blank puzzles can be separated and put toghether countless times!

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At EssentialArtProducts.com we bring you high-quality art supplies , carefully selected from the best manufacturers. In fact, we give you the same high quality supplies and materials you’ll find in fancy art stores…but at much better prices.

High-Quality art supplies for Less

Our partnerships with top art supply manufacturers allow us to offer select products that enhance creativity without emptying out your wallet. Plus, because we’re only found online, we’re able to keep our overhead lower than the competition …passing our savings onto you!

Whether you’re a teacher, student, parent, or professional artist, you’ll love buying your art products and supplies from EssentialArtProducts.com. Our online art supply store is independently-owned by a small team of dedicated art professionals who make it easy for you to get the best art tools and supplies you need at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for something you can’t find or you’d like to ask someone on our experienced staff a question, please contact us here.

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