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6" X 9" Vinyl Printing Plates / Stamp-Making Material
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Sales price: $5.20

A 1/8" thick synthetic rubber-like material with a smooth, easy cutting surface (does not require much pressure or force). Leaves crisp clean edges when cut with traditional linoleum tools.  Shows pencil or marker guide lines clearly.  Excellent for stamp making.  Stays soft and flexible indefinitely.  Non-toxic  

Also available with a non-slip repositinable ahesive backing

2 plates per package

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Monday, 30 November -0001
Very versatile product.! It sis a bit thin to carve with using traditional print carving knives, but it is possible. The upside is you can cut this using scissors or xacto knives. It has adhesive on the back side so you can cut out your shapes and assemble them onto another surface. So you actually build a printing plate rather than carve one out. Additional method of printmaking to teach to students. Thanks!

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