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Foamie Stamper and Dabber Class kit
Foamie Stamper and Dabber Class kit
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Sales price: $83.95

A fun assortment of sturdy plastic tools for use with all water-based paints. 

4" long plastic handles are ideal for young children and the physically challenged.

Foamie Stamper and Dabber Class Kit includes:

30 Trays - 6" x 9" Foam Paint Trays

30 Rollers - Green Handle with Yellow Roller (5 each of the 6 different designs)

    • Checkered
    • Dotted
    • Angle
    • Wavy Stripe
    • Stars, Squares, Circles
    • Heart- Shaped Patterns


4 Sets (16 Pieces) - Bug Dabbers

    • Bee
    • LadyBug
    • Snail
    • Butterfly


4 Sets (16 Pieces) - Symbols Dabbers

    • Smiley Face
    • Handprint
    • Heart Shape
    • Flower


4 Sets (32 Pieces) - Giant Stampers

    • Multi-Colored, Assortment


4 Sets (16 Pieces) - Paint Pals

  • Green Handle - Texture Tools

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Monday, 30 November -0001
Bought this for my pre-school aged kids. This would be good for special needs kids as well. They are having so much fun rolling and dabbing paint all over paper. It gives them so much satisfaction to be able to do this themselves. It works well with the tempura paint I have and on paper. Easy to clean also! This was well worth every penny and can be used over & over!

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