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Jigsaw Puzzle

Thank you Essential Art Products for the Blank Puzzles!  Smile

These jigsaw puzzles always create a fervor in my Kindergarten classroom! 

Kids at this age love to write their name!  They also enjoy pulling things apart and figuring out how things work!   Puzzles are great because they encourage childrens cognitive, problem solving, hand,  eye, and self esteem skills. Jigsaw Puzzles also assist in promoting ways that challenge and set attainable goals for a child.  By succeeding, the children gain a sense of accomplishment. What better way to further encourage this than by allowing them to design and personalize their own puzzle?

I ordered a pack of 24 blank puzzles so we had plenty just in case someone made a mistake they just couldn't live with.  These puzzles provide a nice smooth white background to color and are still sturdy enough to withstand being pulled apart several times.

Needless to say, my class couldn't wait to get their hands on the puzzles and get started on their project.

We used 5-1/2" x 8" blank puzzles and left the puzzles intact, then each child wrote their name with a black marker while leaving an open space inside each letter. After the names were written, they were able to have free creativity. They were encouraged to use their favoprite colors, animals, shapes, and backgrounds inside the letters and around the outlines of their name. We used markers and crayons as mediums which worked perfectly!

I love having my kids work with these puzzles,  they instill a great sense of accomplishment and are a key learning tool!

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