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This Light Box LIGHTS IT UP! 

It all started when I needed a new Light Box for my class room. The relic that was handed down from generation to generation in my classroom had seen better days. The wire had cracks in it and the plug was beginning to corrode.  I even replaced the bulbs a few times and they didn't seem to last nearly as long.  Finally, I was able to order a new Light Box.

A colleague of mine turned me on to Essential Art Products.com where she purchased an  18" X 24"  Light Box.  The price was reasonable and the exterior was aesthetically pleasing. The Replacement Bulb For 18"x 24" Light Box was affordable, easily accessible, and according to my colleague, simple to replace.

Upon receiving the Light Box, my 3rd period class and I immediately unpackaged it and cleared away a special place in our art room for its new home. We were all vibrating with excitement as we carefully placed it on its shelf and then plugged it in. The magic started immediately! The box radiated with so much light we all took a step back, squinted and sheiled our eyes from its glow!

The students were clamoring to have a turn tracing their images for our next project. To prepare for the arrival of the 18" X 24" Economy Light Box, I handed out the new lesson plan which focused on creating self portraits. I decided to have students bring in a 4" x 6" image of themselves and have them trace over it using our new light box. Since the light box is 18" x 24" in size,  I was able have 2 students tracing at a time.  We then took our tracing paper image, flipped it over on to water color paper and using a graphite pencil we shaded over the back of the image on the tracing paper and viola!, The image transfers on to the new material! Using water colors the students had to paint their photo using tints & shades of only one color. 

The results were amazing & the students were so pleased to have created a self portrait that looked so realistic.

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