Whisper Aire WAC 1000 Airbrush Compressor
Whisper Aire WAC 1000 Airbrush Compressor
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The Whisper Aire WAC-1000 Airbrush Compressor is a portable, lightweight, compact, oil-less and maintenance-free air compressor with whisper quiet performance.  The automatic shut-off feature instantly turns-off the compressor when not in use and on again when resuming airbrushing (Constant “on-demand” air pressure and Zero pulsation). This eliminates heat-related moisture build-up, reduces running time and minimizes motor wear. Also includes a FULLY adjustable pressure regulator, high-quality air hose, and integrated carrying handle.

Suggested applications:

Textile/ fabrics, hobbies i.e plastic models, illustration, cosmetics, temporary tattoos/face-painting & fine art.


    * 1/6 HP Single Piston Compressor
    * Voltage:110V 60HZ
    * Max Operating Pressure: 60 psi (depending upon airbrush or tool used)
    * Air output per min./litres: 26-30L/min or 1.06 – 1.24 cfm
    * Automatic Shut-off 
    * Decibel (noise) rating: 45-50
    * On/off switch
    * Connection: 1/4'' NPT
    * Net Weight: 8 lbs.
    * Electrical Cord: 6 ft.


Pressure gauge, adjustable regulator; air filter; moisture trap, 6 ft. coiled-polyurethane air hose.

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